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Big Meeting Coming Up? Close the Slideshow; Pick Up the SlideDocs intake information, while still allowing for enough word-density for well thought-through insights. People understand concepts and information much better when prose and visuals are paired, so Slidedocs boost comprehension. They Are Shareable, So They Can Spread These more text-heavy Slidedocs contain enough information that they can be shared and spread without the help of the verbal stream of a presenter. Slidedocs can get distributed... Continue Reading

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PowerPoint Presentations vs. Slidedocs

…t per page. They’re meant to be printed or distributed instead of presented. The result is a medium that can be read more quickly than a document. Today, I’m releasing a free book to help you create effective slidedocs. You can view it and download it for free by going to My books so far have advised people on how to create cinematic, sparse presentations. So, it might come as a surprise to some people to hear me…

Slidedocs: Meeting Documents meet Presentations.

…ones where smart thinking meets informative visuals —spread like wildfire. They get picked up, reused, and re-expressed. ​If you want your brilliant work populated throughout an organization, slidedocs are one of the easiest ways for your ideas to take root in every department. The Benefits of Slidedocs for Your Audience Space limitations force a slidedoc’s author to boil down the material to its essence. Done correctly, this makes the material…

Using Presentation Software to Create Slidedocs

…r information could be consumed ahead of time and the meeting time could be used for consensus building The difference between a slidedoc and a presentation: Pages have more copy and visual explanations than a cinematic presentation Template system uses grids, columns, and full sentences Dense analytical explanations appear throughout slidedocs


…We did not invent presentations. We simply decided they matter. And we resolved to make them better….

State Your Presentation’s Big Idea

…Duarte, we sometimes recommend using Slidedocs instead of presentations. ​Neither dense documents nor sparse slides contain the right balance of detail and scanability to be used as a pre-read or handout. Slidedocs combine the strengths of documents and presentations while minimizing their weaknesses. In presenting the power of Slidedocs, here’s how we would get our Big Idea across. Traditionally, the Big Idea must contain the following t…

Dense Slides? Convert them to Slidedocs

…combined the content from the slides and speaker notes to make a beautiful slidedoc. Before: Dense slide with too much information to project ​The original slides are too dense to be projected, but unable to stand alone as slidedocs. One topic was spread across three slides. After: A Beautiful Slidedoc ​Combining all three slides into one keeps all eleven insights of the end-to-end system on one page. It was important to keep the highlighted tex…

Presentation Skills Improve Communication

…led organizations to look for a way to fill the gap between long-form documents and presentations. What has emerged are slidedocs. ​A slidedoc is a visual document intended to be read and referenced instead of projected. Slidedocs work for a variety of communication scenarios, from sales collateral to in-meeting reference material. And because of their modular nature, slidedocs can spread your smart thinking throughout your organization. ​But cre…