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04.21.2010  /  

slide:ology Webinar Series Open for Registration!

...visit: Click here to register now! Session 1: Introduction to the Principles of slide:ology Tuesday, May 18, 2010 (10AM PST) During this webinar, attendees will review the key principles from the book slide:ology by learning the principle and observing it applied through a series of before and after examples. These include reviewing the importance or audience needs, design thinking, design principles and the displ... Continue Reading

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04.06.2010  /  

slide:ology Roadshow: Boston Edition

The slide:ology workshop series is hittin’ the road, and heading to Boston! So if you’re an East Coaster who hasn’t been able to travel to attend our workshop, now’s your chance. And as with all our workshops, we’re keeping class size small to maintain maximum intimacy, so hurry & snag a spot! photo by flickr user brentdanley About the slide:ology workshop You will engage in a series of fun and hands-on exercises, in which you will... Continue Reading

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05.28.2010  /  

Where would you go for the slide:ology Roadshow?

...of you know, Duarte Design offers a workshop that covers the principles from Nancy Duarte’s award-winning book, slide:ology: The Art and Science of Creating Great Presentations. Our public workshop covers both comprehensive visual storytelling development as well as the application of design thinking in an all-day, interactive environment – which includes group and individual exercises to reinforce learning. And now we want to take slide:ology... Continue Reading

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Slide:ology by Nancy Duarte

The art and science of creating great presentations

…, effective visual expression is not easy, natural, or actively taught in schools or business training programs. Slide:ology fills that void. With Slide:ology, you’ll learn to: Generate ideas Translate ideas into informative graphics Sketch and diagram effectively Create slides an audience can process Utilize presentation technology to your advantage The most successful TED speakers spread brilliant ideas following the timeless principles in th…

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10.28.2009  /  

(Free!) Recording of slide:ology Webcast

Nancy recently hosted a free webcast for Safari Books Online. In case you missed it, or you want to watch it again, the recording is up, and available for viewing! Featuring: Nancy Duarte Recording Date: Thursday, Octber 8, 2009 Recording Time: 10:00am PDT/1:00pm EDT Duration: 60 min Description: Presentation software requires professionals to think visually on an almost daily basis. But unlike verbal skills, effective visual expression is not... Continue Reading

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Organized Presentation Slides

Disorganized Slides This content originally appeared in Slide:ology by Nancy Duarte. Now it’s time to set our sights on another slide type:  disorganized slides. This is a sample of what we might see.The information feels a little disorganized. It might feel like we sort of put it up there, and at least we got something up there to present. We want to think about our slides and remember that they represent our ideas. They represent us. A lack…

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slide:ology Wins Axiom Business Book Award Gold Medal

Nancy just received her bright and shiny gold medal with the words “Success Through Knowledge.” I couldn’t think of a more appropriate phrase to recognize the passion for sharing knowledge that slide:ology represents.  We’ve debated internally about sharing this kind of news with our community because to be quite frank it sometimes feels a little self serving. So what we’d really like to know from our community is how you view awards.  Creative... Continue Reading

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03.03.2010  /  

Spring slide:ology Workshops!

Just added a few workshop dates for this spring! Get ‘em while they’re hot! April 7 April 21 May 5 May 19 June 9 And while you’re at it, check out a few photos from the past workshops! All photos courtesy of Mark Heaps... Continue Reading

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Choose the Right Type of Presentation Slide

Walk-in Presentation slide This slide is already up when people enter the room. It creates the first impression. You may want it to display your company’s branding, for example, or an image that sets the tone for your presentation. Title Presentation slide Here’s where you show the title of your talk and your name, title, and company. Include a title slide even if you don’t state the title when you speak; it helps orient and focus the audience….

03.14.2012  /  

Duarte’s Diagrammer: 4,000 Diagrams at Your Fingertips for 99 cents each

...;s first book, Slide:ology, where it quickly became one of the book’s most popular sections. Shortly after Slide:ology was released, its readers began to (politely) demand that Duarte offer training. And so began the development of the Slide:ology workshop. While creating the curriculum, the diagram concepts were converted into PowerPoint®, so they could be easily implemented by attendees. These diagrams garnered such an overwhelmingly posi... Continue Reading

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