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Resonate Is Hot Off the iBook Presses!

...cript applications. These interactive apps intertwine the data in the sparklines with audio recordings of the speeches. The book includes analysis of speeches given by President Ronald Reagan, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and Steve Jobs. The iBook is packed with goodies, but we walk through our favorite features here:   To buy the new iPad edition of Resonate, visit: Continue Reading

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ResonateTM Workshop Your message is exceptional, so don’t settle for less than a unique and persuasive presentation to deliver it. Master the art of business storytelling now. Presentations that proliferate wildly and cause meaningful change all have something in common–they use the timeless principles of narrative to engage audiences and rally support. After researching the most effective speakers and speeches of all time, Duarte developed a st…

Resonate: Present Visual Stories That Transform Audiences

…By leveraging techniques normally reserved for cinema and literature, Resonate reveals how to transform any presentation into an engaging journey. You will discover how to understand your audience, create persuasive content, and elicit a groundswell response….

Interactive Business Books: This Changes Everything: I’m Giving My Book Away

…need to become their own agencies, and agencies need to be publishers. I believe so deeply in presenting content in a way that’s customized to the reader that I decided to offer this version of Resonate free of charge. The new multimedia version of Resonate is available on Apple’s iBooks for iPad and Mac users, and in a unique HTML5 format optimized for any platform, device or browser. Both formats have 37 immersive videos, 13 case studies, 20 b…

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What Does It Mean to Resonate? well the message is delivered and how well it resonates with the audience. After a successful presentation, you might hear people say, “Wow, what she said really resonated with me.” But what does it mean to truly resonate with someone? While doing research for Resonate, I learned about lovely phenomenon in physics. If you know an object’s natural rate of vibration, you can make it vibrate without touching it. Resonance occurs when an objec... Continue Reading

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FREE Multimedia Version of Resonate

...ches. My hope is that as you dig in and get caught up in the power of story, you’ll be changed like I was when I wrote it. Click here to explore the book! Receive a complimentary eCourse module: After reading Resonate, put your skills to the test and dive into creating your own presentations by accessing a module from the new Duarte eCourse. Sign up here to receive a free enrollment key. Watch an interview with me about the release: Why I Did It... Continue Reading

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Resonate Multi Touch Book

Resonate Multi-Touch Book by Nancy Duarte

Like having a portable story writing workshop in your hands

It’s Digital, It’s Fantastic. It’s Free! Resonate Multi-Touch Book is like having a portable story writing workshop in your hands as you prepare your next presentation. You’ll learn a new presentation development methodology informed by cinema, literature, and the greatest speeches of all time. Learning these transformative principles in an immersive environment significantly helps your retention of how to: Create your content in a story f…

Resonate, Nancy Duarte

Resonate by Nancy Duarte

Present visual stories that transform audiences

…ed for cinema and literature, Resonate reveals how to transform any presentation into an engaging journey. You will discover how to understand your audience, create persuasive content, and elicit a groundswell response. With Resonate, you’ll learn to: Connect with your audience empathetically Craft ideas that get repeated Rely on story structures inherent in great communication Create captivating content Inspire enthusiasm and support for your v…

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…communicating through presentations rise faster than their peers, reach more customers than their competitors, and turn ideas into groundswells. Informed by research in literature, poetry, drama and screenwriting, Duarte’s Resonate workshop establishes a new method of content development that dramatically improves persuasive communication. Throughout the day, you will build your own meaningful content that compels your audience to take action. Y…

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Resonate in 19 More Countries!

The incredibly immersive digital version of Resonate has been making its way into more iTunes and iBooks stories around the world. We’re happy to announce that it’s available in 19 more countries, everywhere from Argentina to Venezuela. Check the list below to see if it has become available in your country. And if it’s not, let us know! We’re doing our best to make it available to the masses, so if you want it, we want... Continue Reading

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