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Presentation Expert Nancy Duarte: My First Job—I Got An On-the-Job MBA

…eat potential, believe in their potential and teach them the skills. The first handful of employees we hired at Duarte only had high school or associate degrees, but we loved their passion and built a solid firm from their contributions. Excellent service makes the phone ring Follow-up, follow-through and cheerfulness seem like basic skills. It seems simple, but with technology solving everything, creating a human connection helps get you repeat…


We help shape ideas into presentations designed to shift audience beliefs and behaviors in their organizations, communities, and world….


We help shape ideas into presentations designed to shift audience beliefs and behaviors in their organizations, communities, and world….


We did not invent presentations. We simply decided they matter. And we resolved to make them better….

01.09.2009  /  

How to Create a Presentation for Someone Else some insanely tight deadline. For those times when you are pressed into the “slide jockey” role, Nancy Duarte, presentation design maven, offers some advice. Duarte says the task of creating a presentation for someone else is made tougher by the fact that executives believe they are defined by their presentation style. “Some venues have projection systems the size of buildings, and the presenter realizes that the huge image b... Continue Reading

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05.06.2014  /  

Duarte Now Offers Online Presentation Training online presentation training! And we promise it’s not your typical online course—we made sure of that. Duarte’s Persuasive Presentations eCourse offers an entertaining, non-traditional approach to online learning that covers everything you need to develop and deliver a presentation, without the dense slides and boring voiceover we saw in many other courses. Nancy’s goal was to create an eCourse like no other, and we’ve... Continue Reading

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03.14.2012  /  

Duarte’s Diagrammer: 4,000 Diagrams at Your Fingertips for 99 cents each

Where there is madness, Nancy Duarte finds method. This is how twenty years of sketches and infographic concepts became Diagrammer™, a searchable taxonomy of over 4,000 PowerPoint®-ready diagrams, available for you to download for just 99 cents each. After more than twenty years of visualizing information for client presentations, Duarte designers had sketched thousands of concepts. Ever-anxious to find patterns and processes, Nancy gathered ske... Continue Reading

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Subscribe to get notified about all updates Sign Up Episode 9: Brainstorming Our latest installment finds Bob and Finn learning the value of brainstorming as a way to come up with creative visuals for Bob’s new presentation.  All goes great until Bob’s imagination gets a little carried away.   For regular updates from Bob and Finn, follow them @BobandFinn. And be sure to click the button above to subscribe to…