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Presentation Expert Nancy Duarte: My First Job—I Got An On-the-Job MBA

…and-written notes over the years). Feedback is important I worked for Pete and 3 other companies before starting Duarte. Not one of my managers gave me an employee review. I always knew my employee anniversary date and would anxiously await feedback and none ever came. I really would have loved feedback (and even a little encouragement). At Duarte, we buy balloons for each employee on their anniversary to say “thanks”. I left Pete’s store after t…


We did not invent presentations. We simply decided they matter. And we resolved to make them better….

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Duarte Now Offers Online Presentation Training

...develop and deliver a presentation, without the dense slides and boring voiceover we saw in many other courses. Nancy’s goal was to create an eCourse like no other, and we’ve done it. In fact, we’re proud to say it has already won an award! Duarte’s Persuasive Presentations eCourse is based on Nancy Duarte’s third book, the HBR Guide to Persuasive Presentations, and it features 67 learning modules and 54 downloadable PDFs on th... Continue Reading

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Duarte’s Diagrammer: 4,000 Diagrams at Your Fingertips for 99 cents each

Where there is madness, Nancy Duarte finds method. This is how twenty years of sketches and infographic concepts became Diagrammer™, a searchable taxonomy of over 4,000 PowerPoint®-ready diagrams, available for you to download for just 99 cents each. After more than twenty years of visualizing information for client presentations, Duarte designers had sketched thousands of concepts. Ever-anxious to find patterns and processes, Nancy gathered ske... Continue Reading

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Duarte Workshop Moved to Hyatt Regency London

Update! Duarte’s 2Day VisualStory workshop on July 25 & 26 will now be held at The Hyatt Regency London – The Churchill. The facilities at the Hyatt will allow for better experience for our particular needs, and if you need to stay the night, the accommodations will be easier on your wallet. Don’t worry, Nancy Duarte will still be dropping by after we finish up Day 1 of the workshop for mingling, informal Q&A, and book-…

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Beyond Bullet Points: Interview with Nancy Duarte

...t. His book has also inspired a blog, to which Meryl Evans is a frequent contributor. Meryl recently interviewed Nancy Duarte on behalf of the Beyond Bullet Points blog. (Say that ten times fast.) Nancy and Meryl chatted about what makes a presentation effective and memorable (a story), what makes a story good (it moves your audience), and why sketching and drawing at any skill level can make you a better presenter (it gets you thinking outside t... Continue Reading

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We help shape ideas into presentations designed to shift audience beliefs and behaviors in their organizations, communities, and world….



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