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01.08.2015  /  

The Year According to Our Mascot

Hi there! Giraffe here. Duarte’s official mascot and unofficial story archivist. I’ll cut to the chase, it’s been a helluva year. Before we go careening any further into 2015, I wanted to reflect on everything that happened in the past 365 days. At least what we caught in photos and video. I got passed around the office in the name of gratitude more times than I can count. I attended parties and events, I worked hard, I worked late, I worked... Continue Reading

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09.25.2012  /  

Seeya Next Summer, Spirit Week

...Saturday marked the beginning of Fall. Which means it’s the end of summer, bummer. To celebrate the new season, join us in reminiscing about our favorite summer event, Spirit Week. This year’s event included a Family Feud, a giraffe-painting party, a Wiffle Ball Tournament, and a field trip to see our beloved San Francisco Giants – who just clinched the NL West Championship title. As you can see in the video, a good time was had by all*. *Except... Continue Reading

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08.31.2011  /  

We’ve got spirit, yes we do! Jam sesh. THURSDAY – ’50s DAY Too cool for school. Or work. Wanna rumble? FRIDAY – PICNIC DAY! Relay Activity # 1 - Water Cup Fill 'er up Spoonful by lovin' spoonful. Nothin' but bucket. Relay Activity # 2 - Picture Puzzle They don't call it a relay RACE for nothin'. Relay Activity #3 - Ahem, cornhole. Winners of the Spirit Week Relay! (And proud owners of the coveted rainbow giraffe trophy.) The... Continue Reading


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05.03.2013  /  

New Building, New Brand

The idea for a brand refresh came along with the decision to move into a new building. We had been discussing a refresh of our logo and business system and we thought, if there was going to be an appropriate time to conduct a brand refresh, it was now… before we had to reprint 110 business cards, and create new signage and collateral for our new place. We had outgrown both our space and our style, and a big, blank building was the perfect... Continue Reading

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