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Persuasive Presentations Online Course

…Persuasive communication skills can accelerate your ideas and your career. But finding time and money for training can be tough. Duarte’s engaging, self-guided eCourse allows you to improve all aspects of your presentation skills at your own pace….

eCourse Design & Presentation Design

The same rules to follow when creating great presentations can be applied to creating great online learning. The most important is how the ecourse or presentation looks. Pay Attention to Design The most engaging eCourses place high value on good design, because this drives how your learners process the information. Many traditional online training programs include a clunky UI that clutters up the screen. We designed a hidden navigation that…

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Duarte Now Offers Online Presentation Training

...n-traditional approach to online learning that covers everything you need to develop and deliver a presentation, without the dense slides and boring voiceover we saw in many other courses. Nancy’s goal was to create an eCourse like no other, and we’ve done it. In fact, we’re proud to say it has already won an award! Duarte’s Persuasive Presentations eCourse is based on Nancy Duarte’s third book, the HBR Guide to Persuasive... Continue Reading

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Creating Great eCourses & Great Presentations

Encourage Practical Application of your Presentation & eCourse Many online training programs struggle to provide immediately applicable skills. To remedy this, my team created 54 downloadable PDFs that learners use to create their own presentation as they go through the course. Khan Academy accomplishes this for traditional academic material by asking questions at the end of each lesson, and providing resources to review if the student…

Effective Presentations, Effective eLearning

…people engaged, we took on the challenge to create unique, engaging online content — following the same rules for creating a great presentation. And pretty quickly, we got exciting news. Just after the soft-launch of our new eCourse was complete, it won an award! We used Nancy Duarte’s book, the HBR Guide to Persuasive Presentations as a base for the eCourse. The content was already broken into chapters, but we knew the it needed to be…

Modularize Presentation Content & eCourses

…odules! Dan Roam, author of Back of the Napkin, also offers modularized content in his online training. As technology enables educators to move training online, we must incorporate best-practices for visual storytelling into eCourses. We’ve built an eCourse that will teach you how to create powerful messages and visuals that engage your audience, but it’s in a a dynamic learning environment that will keep you engaged, too. After all, our…

Interactive Business Books: This Changes Everything: I’m Giving My Book Away

…hat Resonate raises the bar for what a cross-media, multimedia-rich book should be. I loved creating Resonate because I found that you can’t be a student of story and not be changed yourself. My hope is that as you dig in and get caught up in the power of story, you’ll be changed like I was when I wrote it. Explore the browser-based book for free: Resonate Download the book from Apple’s iBooks for free: iTunes Receive a complimentary…

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FREE Multimedia Version of Resonate interact with the analysis of famous speeches. My hope is that as you dig in and get caught up in the power of story, you’ll be changed like I was when I wrote it. Click here to explore the book! Receive a complimentary eCourse module: After reading Resonate, put your skills to the test and dive into creating your own presentations by accessing a module from the new Duarte eCourse. Sign up here to receive a free enrollment key. Watch an... Continue Reading

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Preparing Presentations: the Conceiving Segment

The first step in developing visual stories is Conceiving. Before you begin building slides, plan out what your message is going to be. Conceiving contains three major parts: Audience Presentation development begins by first identifying and understanding your audience. Who are they? What are they like? What are the issues that they struggle with? How do you want them to be different as a result of your presentation? Message What is your point…

Cancellations and Substitutions

…rkshops. However, Duarte will extend a one-time transfer to a new workshop date within the same calendar year, or a one-time transfer to a new participant. For assistance with this, please contact eCourses Sorry, Charlie. CANCELLATIONS AND REFUNDS for eCourses are not allowed after the purchase transaction has been completed. Unforeseen Circumstances Or Event Cancellations Duarte reserves the right to cancel within 1…